JJ Sullivan
"We bought our house in 2008 and we purchased our HVAC. Since then, we have purchased a heat system for our sun room and we have had propane installed for the generators that we bought. J.J. Sullivan Inc. serviced and supplied all of them. They serviced our HVAC. We are extremely pleased with them. We have actually recommended them."
Customer since 2008
JJ Sullivan
"Fantastic for sure! I switched from another company who I used because they had serviced the system when I bought my home. Over twelve years ago I made the move to J.J. Sullivan and I couldn't be happier. The service is amazing. Since I became a customer I have had my furnace/boiler replaced and my central AC. Everything went off without a hitch and everyone who's ever been to my home from the owners Jim and Paul to the service tech's (who I might add have been with the company for many years) are dedicated, knowledgeable and eager to please. Before my replacements I needed many service calls so I have lots of experience with J.J. Sullivan. And, by the way I found out that my former company who gave poor service had not been doing full cleanings and I had CO2 readings when Sullivan's first came. Apparently one of the parts to be cleaned is very difficult to reach in my tight space and the old company just didn't bother. They did show me the neglected work. I have many friends and neighbors who originally referred me and we are all very happy long standing customers."
Customer since 2007
JJ Sullivan
"J.J. Sullivan supplies our oil for heating as well as a large propane tank for cooking and standby generator. They are always prompt and courteous. They have maintained and repaired our boiler/furnace.  They come promptly when called and I have never had a problem with them. One day I thought I smelled gas and I called them and they were there within 10 minutes to inspect. Nothing was amiss but I appreciated their very prompt response. Service is great from start to finish."
Customer since 2009
JJ Sullivan
“From the start, we found J.J. Sullivan staff to be prompt, professional, and friendly. We purchased our furnace, water heater, oil and now propane from J.J. Sullivan. We think their service is great. Once, we had a problem with our heat on Christmas Day, and a staff person showed up wearing a Santa hat and fixed it!”