“Sullivan Supreme” Home Heating Oil

Sullivan's Supreme
At J.J. Sullivan, we are proud to use “Sullivan Supreme” as an additive in each gallon of oil we deliver to our customers. We put this additive in our oil because it prevents sediment from forming in the tank and prevents clogged filters and nozzles. This helps eliminate service problems and promotes greater efficiency for your heating system. Another plus of the “Sullivan Supreme” additive is that it helps oil burn cleaner and hotter, saving you up to 4% on your fuel costs!

Oil distributed by J.J. Sullivan originates in four geographical locations: the Middle East, Mexico, Russia, and the USA. We buy the oil wholesale from Global, Sprague, Inland, and Valero. It is then stored for distribution in our own storage facility which has the capacity to hold in excess of 200,000 gallons.

Oil Delivery

J.J. Sullivan offers two convenient delivery methods: Automatic and Will Call.


Automatic Delivery

J.J. Sullivan makes heating your home easy by keeping track of delivery times for you with our Automatic Delivery option. By keeping track of “degree days”, we help protect you against running out of oil. We develop a personalized schedule which lets us know when you will need oil in your tank. Automatic Delivery is the most efficient manner for delivery, and we offer this free of charge!

To change your Automatic Delivery Status (per CT public act PA12-76), you must do one of the following: 

(a)  Send Letter via Certified Mail;

(b)  Fax Letter to: 203-453-2719; or

(c) Email Letter to:

Customers must provide notification of change to Automatic Delivery Status at least one business day prior to delivery.



Will Call

As a Will Call customer, you are responsible for monitoring your oil needs. You must regularly check your oil tank and call us when you are running low in order to receive a fuel delivery. If you choose this plan, please note the following:

  • Do not let your tank fall below a quarter of a tank!
  • Allow sufficient lead time for delivery during regular business hours. We try to deliver within 24 hours but hazardous driving conditions or extreme winter weather may cause delays.
  • Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons of oil.