Heating Oil and Propane Payment Plans

At J.J. Sullivan Oil & Propane, we believe that everyone has the right to affordable heating oil and propane deliveries. For your convenience, we’ve developed several customized fuel payment plans to help soften the cost of home heating oil or propane during the cold seasons.

Why Enroll in a Oil or Propane Payment Plan?

Most of our customers choose either a budget plan or a prepay plan to organize their home heating oil or propane gas bills. There are many reasons why customers love heating oil or propane payment plans. We’ve compiled a few here:

Oil & Propane Payment Plan Benefits

  • Add predictability to your oil or propane bills
  • Don’t pay for heating fuel all at once (or do, if you want to get bills out of the way!)
  • Reduce the impact of winter heating bills on your home comfort budget
  • Personalize your heating bills based on your budget and comfort preferences
  • Give yourself peace of mind that you’ll have fuel when you need it

The Difference Between Heating Budget Plans, Prepay Plans, and Pay-as-You-Go Plans

Oil and Propane Budget Plans

Divide your yearly heating fuel bills into 12-month increments. We estimate your fuel usage for the year, divide your payment, and send one small, predictable bill each month. This allows you to know your fuel bill ahead of time and stay ahead of large winter fuel costs.


Oil and Propane Prepay Plans

This plan helps you get your heating fuel bills out of the way before winter arrives. You pay for your projected heating gallons ahead of time, and we store the fuel for you until you’re ready to receive it. You get deliveries when your fuel tank runs low, bypassing monthly fuel bills.


Pay-as-You-Go Plans

These plans are the original method for heating oil and propane delivery, which we still offer for customers who prefer to make one-time payments for each heating fuel delivery they receive.



Get a Free, Personalized Heating Oil or Propane Payment Plan Recommendation

If you have any questions or would like a personalized suggestion, please contact our fuel service experts online or by phone. They will listen to your budget and preferences and make an informed recommendation as to which payment plan would fit your home and family best.